Some people think that if they have pets they cannot use our service. Pets can absorb material through the pads of their feet. So a liquid herbicide is something pet owners should think about but not be overly concerned with. The spray can only cause a reaction while wet. Once the spray dries, it will not cause any harm. On sunny days, the materials dry in an hour or less.

ProLawnPlus has a few ways to help in servicing your lawn and reduce exposure to your pets. First, we only spot spray for weeds in most cases. We try not to “blanket” your lawn unless the lawn is overrun with weeds. If our techs see animal toys or water bowls in the lawn, they will remove them from the spray area. Also, we can set up your account to be a ‘call ahead’, which lets you know ahead of time when we’ll be out, so you can have your pet inside prior to our visit. We recommend keeping them off of the lawn for one to two hours after an application, to allow drying time. ProLawnPlus will not do herbicide applications if pets are on the lawn. We will attempt to call and knock on the door to get pets inside during treatments. If we don’t make any contact, we will call to reschedule. We are committed to providing you with a beautiful, environmentally beneficial lawn to enjoy with your whole family, including your pets.